Take your travel writing prose to the next level, honing your voice and perspective. This 10-week online workshop explores imagery and epiphanies apt to an area. Sharpen your eye for timely angles and compelling quests. Push your plot arcs further and master the interweaving of action, analysis and reflection.

Thai Buddhas, image copyright amandacastleman.comFrom broadcast basics to longer-form narrative, this course helps intermediate to expert authors refine their games. We’ll delve into the sound of words on the page, as well as how to capture the best quotes from locals and experts. The class will even touch upon investigative tactics: when to tuck that press pass in your hat band… and when to meditate and read poetry for inspiration. Finally, you’ll refine your cutting, redrafting and re-purposing skills, exploring the same material through different lenses.

Past travel-writing students have taken this momentum into bylines at The Independent, The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Toronto Sun and The Christian Science Monitor, among others. One landed three clips in national outlets — off her first pitches ever — before week six of the course. Another has won travel-writing’s most prestigious prize, the Lowell Thomas.

But awards and publications are just icing on the cake: wherever you start from, this online workshop will help you kick things up a few notches via detailed, weekly critiques by renowned instructor Amanda Castleman.

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